I’ve always been anti podcast and never really given them the chance and always dismissed them as a ‘boring thing’ but after having a look through spotify .., i’m utterly obsessed!

When there’s nothing on the tv or i’m on my way to work I like to listen to them.

I listen to a whole variety of podcasts from true crime stories to all about sex and relationships.

A few of my favourites are

– Hip Hop Saved My Life With Romesh Ranganathan

I’ve always been a huge fan of his stand up and I was surprised to hear he was such a huge hip hop fan.

His views on music and the way the industry is now are so funny. You don’t even need to be a huge fan of the music genre to listen to be honest.

Every so often he brings on a guest that ranges from a fellow comedian to footballers and no matter the guest the banter flows so well and it has me laughing endlessly. The banter he has whether it be poking fun at silly every day things or infamous ‘rap beefs’ I guarantee it’ll have you laughing.

The episodes with comedians Mo Gillian & Marlon Davis are must listens.

– Angela Yee’s Lip Service

Angela Yee isn’t everyones cup of tea but I enjoy her little tidbits on the breakfast club even though sometimes she’s on mute 😂

Listening to Lip Service is like sitting around the table with your girls and talking about anything and everything.

If you don’t like hearing about others sexual experiences then this isn’t the podcast for you because it’s full of brutally honest comments and stories and that’s what makes it so authentic.

She has a great guest list so everyone from John Legend to Sex doctors with tips on how to spice up your sex life!

The episode with Joseline from LHHATL (love and hip hop atlanta) is a must must listen.

Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness

If you’ve watched the rebooted ‘Queer eye for the straight guy’ on netflix then you’re more then familiar with JVN. He is every dam thing!

I came across his podcast whilst browsing through twitter and after reading what the premise of his podcast I instantly knew I’d be hooked.

For thirty minutes he sits down with a variety of people ranging from professionals to his friends to talk about what makes him curious.

The topics range from opioid addiction , brexit to just a general sit down with one of his good friends!

Some podcasts drone on and on for a good while trying to find momentum but with this podcast it gets into it straight away

What I really like about his podcasts are that there’s an episode for everyone every episode is different.

Must listen episodes are all of the episodes where he speaks with his queer eye cast mates / friends and The episode entitled ‘What Do White People Need To Know About Racism’


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