music of the month – september 💫

Another month is coming to an end and all in all it wasn’t a bad month… I guess.

Honestly time is going fast , it feels like this month just went past so fast.

Music is a hugee part of my life so I thought I’d share some of my favourite songs of the month so here’s my favourites of the month , I’ll leave a Spotify link to my september playlist at the end of the blog!

Lil’ Touch -Girls’ Generation Oh!GG

My queens came back and honestly it was a shock. I was convinced we wouldn’t hear anything from snsd as a group this year so this took me by surprise. It’s better then anything I could’ve ever expected. Sunny as a main vocalist !! Hyo finally getting the screen time and lines she deserves. Kinda disappointing that they haven’t performed it live yet.

hopefully sm let’s them perform at the end of year shows but with Seohyun , Tiffany & Sooyong (imagine the slayage!!) 

save me , save you – wjsn

WJSN are a girl group that are truly the queens of aesthetic music videos. I was a huge fan of there last mini album so I decided that this time I would fully follow there latest release and they didn’t disappoint. It honestly sounds like it could be an anime opening it’s that good. Everything just works for this song ; Yeonjung comes through with her amazing vocals (like she does everytime!!) but also Seola & Bona killed it. 

Ariana Grande – R.E.M

‘Before you speak, don’t move cause I don’t wanna wake up’

Ari …. where do I begin with this song. It is nothing short of perfection. This song just makes me feel like I’m floating on a cloud daydreaming endlessly and nothing in the world matters. Ari’s voice is mesmerising and this is becoming one of my favourite songs of hers. I’ve never really paid attention to her music but I actually listened to all of her new album ‘Sweetner’ and it is a must listen. I can not wait until the day she puts out a full r&b album as she has the most perfect voice for it.

Boss – The Carters

If you know me then you’ll know that i completely adore Beyoncé which goes way back to her DC days. ‘Everything Is Love’ is the joint album that The Carters put out and sprung on the whole world with no promotion and no release date planned. I’m a ride or die member of the beyhive and honestly bey can do no wrong. Boss is my favourite song off the whole project and it’s so so underrated. Jay kills his verse and then Bey comes in with her smooth vocals and then her shit talking (talk about versatility , some of your favourites could never!!)😂 

Also Blue Ivy has the most adorable voice her little outro is beyond cute.

What’s the use – Mac Miller 

When Mac released his K.I.D.S mixtape back in 2010 I was still in secondary school and I became utterly obsessed with him. I kind of fell off  his music and wasn’t following his career but his artistry and love of music is something that I admired about him so much. He wasn’t your average rapper and his music is truly one of a kind. ‘What’s the use’ is such a chill song and it’s been one of my most played songs this month. A few other songs off his latest album ‘swimming’ are a must listen are ‘come back to earth’ and ‘2009’

Honeymoon Phaze – MNEK

MNEK is truly so so underrated , his talent and artistry is undeniable. If anyone was more deserving of becoming more recognised and becoming huge it’s him ugh he deserves all the success in the world. Honeymoon Phaze is just that song. It’s so chill , the vocals & the way the song transitions to the next song is an experience it’s pure genius. I highly recommend listening to his whole album ‘Language’.

Could’ve Been – H.E.R & Bryson Tiller

People always go on about how R&B is dead but honestly you’ve gotta out of the mainstream and look for artists that are the ones carrying the industry right now. This song just reminds me of all of the iconic R&B collabs that were released in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Bryson Tiller and H.E.R are the perfect duo , this song is so dreamy and has such a chill vibe it really is a must listen. It sounds like something that floetry would sing so you know it’s good.

Black Pearl – Sunmi

Sunmi is someone who’s career I’ve been following since way back in the day , I’m talking Wonder Girls ‘Nobody’ era. I’ve always adored Sunmi’s stage presence and her personality off stage. To be honest I wasn’t a fan of her latest comeback ‘Heroine’ so wasn’t expecting much from this comeback but she blew me away. Every song on ‘Warning’ is nothing short of perfection , (the whole album is a must listen she doesn’t disappoint) She is so versatile in her music but ‘Black Pearl’ is everything. Her vocals have improved so so much and it’s honestly one of my favourite kpop songs of the year.

Hi High – LOOΠΔ

Coming into 2018 I said to myself I wouldn’t start stanning for any more kpop groups but that failed! Finally after introducing them one by one for over a year they finally debuted as a full group. When this was released I was not a fan and to be honest thought it was mediocre but after watching their debut stage and listening to it another 10 + times it grew on me and now I am utterly obsessed!! It is such a perfect debut song to bring them all together as one group. I also have the biggest girl crush on Kim Lip (she’s so gorgeous)

It’s hard to choose between ‘favOrite’ and ‘Hi High’ as my favourite song so I’ll just link them both!

I could add in untold songs but I’ll just link my september spotify playlist


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